Real-Time Success

It has been enjoyable; the coach has been great.
-A. Goldman

Because of my awesome coaches, eBay posting was a snap, very smooth. I sold my item within 24 hours. Breathe in breathe out and move forward…Thank you
-J. Ellis

I sold them in two days of putting them on I did not realize they would sell that fast
-K. Handeland

I have sold two items so far in a week and a half; my coach has trained me very well.
-T. Lopez

It has been fun working on eBay. I sold my first item within a week. My coach is a good teacher, I am very happy!!!
-T. Lopez

My eBay coach is very helpful
-S. Proctor

Mr. Charles has been a great coach through this process, sales are slow to begin with, but with will and determination they will improve
-D. Hanna

I got my first sale; Josh has helped me quite a lot.
-A. Goldman

Coach was a great help with researching and posting products on eBay.
-V. Anderson

My experience with eBay has been excellent and my coach has been very effective in guiding me through the courses.
-G. Eakens

These are my very first website sales, and dropship sales! All within the first couple of days in having my product online! I can't wait to continue to build and grow.
-D. Oviatt

I feels SO GOOD! It's nice to have some level of completion! I can't wait to market and push this website! My coach and the team have been fantastic. They are always upbeat and quick to help!
-D. Oviatt

Coach suggested a new "title" to include a more specific then sold in 2 days
-K. Jones

The instructions of the lessons were easy to follow and the coaching sessions made even easier to perform the tasks.
-A. Hoggard

My coach is helping me a lot
-F. Evans

My coach has helped me with finding drop ship items.
-E. Lindenberg

Derek helped me realize how a good brand funnel will make buyers want to purchase a product specifically from me instead of from my competitors.
-M. O'Connell

It has been great to learn the techniques and utilize the tools with Business of Tomorrow. My coach has been awesome.
-N. Egan

It took some time to first it do the research and post my listing with the first item but if your follow the steps from your coach and course it was easier with each item I posted. When my first item sold I was pretty excited. The very next day another item sold and it all started to feel real. I am looking forward to making this a success and my advice is to be patient and you WILL see the same results.
-A. Fournier

I'm starting to have more success as I devote more time. Just started working with drop shippers.
-S. Proctor

I learned a lot about listing and the number of items I should list to be successful.
-S. Jackson

Overall, the website is very good
-A. Wine

The experience on eBay is good, I live a busy lifestyle and I'm now starting to put more time and effort into making money through eBay.
-S. Proctor

These are my first eBay sales. My coach and the coaching team were there for me when I needed them and provided me with the information and advice that I needed.
-J. Richards

This has been a wonderful experience. My coach is so helpful. I have learned so much about online sales. I had a retail store in the past and it is so different doing business online. I love it!
-C. Barger

Learning a great deal from my coach and applying the strategies on eBay.
-C. Saliby

The coaching from Edward has been extremely helpful and has made my eBay experience a walk in the park. He does like to pile the homework on though! I am truly glad for that however as it keeps me motivated!
-C. Ranck

Great! Wonderful and patient coach.
-C. Crook

My coach has showed me how easy it is.
-D. Hinton

Kirk has been very helpful! Thank you!
-Kari Berger

I love my site. It looks great.
-S. Jackson

Our coach, Edward, has given us many good and helpful tips on the proper ways to research costs and enter descriptions and titles for items on eBay. The work assignments he has given us have been a great deal of help in guiding us through the process of selling on eBay.
-B. Butler

Very happy with it!
-E. Grelecki

EBay at first seemed complicated but once I went through the steps with my coach everything became easier.
-S. Proctor

I am moving through my eBay course with the help of my coach
-F. Evans

My coach has giving me very good advice. Just need to put it to use.
-Scott Campbell

I have had a really positive experience and look forward to learning more as I go along.
-S. Jackson

My first sale happened within just a couple days. I was amazed.
-C. Settles

Our coach has done a great job in guiding Us on the important items to be aware of and how to get the best results.

Coach checked my listings and made some good recommendations. Staff suggested that I change the end date/time to get more buyers.
-E. Lindenberg

I like my website; it has all the products that I need to make sales. I definitely like the video promo of my products.
-A. Neal

My coach Edward has been a valuable help.
-S. Campbell

My coach is great, and I think I am doing pretty good but I still have a lot to learn.
-A. Giannisis

Wasn't difficult and my coach was very helpful
-F. Evans

Selling on eBay is a great experience
-K. Zens

It's a learning experience that I'm glad I started. My coaches have been awesome and very patient
-K. Zens

My coach is awesome we already completed step 4 on eBay
-A. Giannisis

Kirk has been great, and I so far have only had positive experiences with eBay! Got my item shipped out within 24 hours of the sale and everything is going good thus far.
-K. Berger

My coach and I are doing well, we did up to step 3 on eBay and I already sold 1 product.
-A. Giannisis

Our coach has been extremely helpful and has guided us through the process. Our first sale was very rewarding!
-B. Butler

The coaching crew helped me get an item researched and properly listed. This item, which was an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet, was listed on Thursday and sold Friday morning. It was a great experience. It is only one sale but it gives me confidence that this can work. I have a lot of work to do to make this a successful venture but O do believe thanks to Business of Tomorrow.
-C. Henry

It is been fun, and a challenging learning experience.
-S. Campbell

It has been challenging and fun. My coach has been very helpful on how to word the items I list. I now have a better understanding how to list on e-bay.
-S. Campbell

Edward helped me immensely with an eBay buyer's issue for which I had hit a wall. Thank you, Edward, for your insight and guidance!
-C. Dean

So far so good – it's pretty easy to follow.
-D. Baker

My experience with eBay is good, and I am looking forward to affiliate marketing.
-A. Neal

I am learning. It is challenging, and fun. The coach has given me good advice, and has shown me how to use the principles in step 3 and to follow the guidelines in step 4 to list items on eBay.
-S. Campbell

Laptop External Video Card Dock: Wholesale $49.99, Sold for $73.99, Net Revenue $15.15 I'm a believer!
-C. Dean

T300 Auto Key Replicator: Wholesale $148.99, Sold for $199.99, net revenue $24.90.Edward's coaching is paying dividends for me. Thank you, Edward!
-C. Dean

My coach has helped me a lot, and this is one of the reasons why I have four sales.
-A Neal

Coaching is a big help. This is all new to me, but I am having fun doing it.
-C. Clark

I made three sales so far, and the experience is good.
-A. Neal

I am still plugging away to get to the magical $1000.00 sold so that I can move onto learning the Drop-shipping and Affiliate Marketing lessons. I seem to be getting very close to the goal today, a little more money in my pockets and little less junk in my home. I also signed 25 new customers for my own work of owning a magazine plus I still made time for my family. It isn't necessarily easy and learning anything the right way takes time, but I feel so far that what I am learning and gaining outweighs the little bit of extra time and effort I need to put in at the forefront of this new business venture... the learning phase is well worth it!
-D. Baker

As I am learning more and I begin feeling more comfortable.
-C. Clark

It is working out to be a smooth process. There is a learning curve and you have to make time to make $, but the more time I put up front makes me feel like I will save tons of time and mistakes later on. The coaches really keep you on track and they encourage you to focus on each lesson instead of working ahead so that you really learn the steps in the process of eBay selling the right way. 8 sales in a little less than a week show I am doing something right!!
-D. Baker

My coach Broc has been a big help.
-C. Clark

The coaches have been very patient with my busy schedule and working with me through anything I haven't understood. Yet, they are very focused on getting me focused and moving forward. It has been a pleasure so far.
-D. Baker

I am learning a ton and the coaches (there are many you will be working with) are extremely patient (working in your available time frame while also pushing you forward). I work about 95 hrs normally per week if not more (never less) so adding the additional learning from the sessions and then doing the homework has not been easy to accomplish on my part but I am plugging away as fast as I can while still maintaining a high level of accuracy and the coaches have been great in letting me know where and what I need to improve on. Both of the first products I listed on eBay sold within hours, one within about 5 minutes and I made a profit on both.
-D. Baker

It's been great!
-V. Jerro

I got good help from the coaches. Now I understand how to list items in a fashionable way.
-J. Jacobsen

My coach has guided me in selling the items on eBay. Easy sell. Thanks!
-J. Jacobsen

Daniel has really been helpful.
-V. Jerro

Fine tuning listings helps to improve chances of sales. Thanks.
-I. Ulbrich

My experience with eBay has been exciting so far. Daniel, my trainer, has been very helpful and informative. I am learning a lot.
-V. Jerro

My coach has helped me tweak my listings to make them more appealing to the eBay community. Thanks!
-I. Ulbrich

My coach has given me all the tools I need to be successful and I'm using them.
-I. Forte

My coach has given me a good foundation to help me build a successful eBay business.
-I. Ulbrich

I really like the site. It's getting close to the time to launching my website. The coach is great at working with me.
-R. Hughes

I'm very new to the whole eBay world. As a result, I am learning a lot. My coach supports my efforts, gives great advice, and helps me feel more confident with my knowledge and ability. I look forward to learning more and having more successes.
-R Hughes

My coach (Tyler) was an excellent coach. We had lots of fun and it was a great experience.
-R. Peplowski

It was a good feeling selling my first item on eBay.
-A. Neal

I had a great experience on eBay, with my coach's help I was able to sell both dolls the very next day of speaking to him and getting tips on developing my brand funnel.
-E. Madden

Web site looks great!
-J. Day

The coaching was great!
-M. Hamlington

I love the site, it looks good. Broc my coach has been a great help.
-M. Wiles

Logan has been terrific!
-L. LeCuyer

My experience with eBay so far has been great! My coach, Logan, has been outstanding!
-L. LeCuyer

My experience is really great with my coach! He was really helpful and I'm very happy!
-M. Smazenka

My overall experience has been great! I have learned and learned and learned. I have started building my second dropship website that is even better than the first one! I can't wait for it to launch!
-D Oviatt

I was able to sell an item within 48 hours and was able to make a profit even after shipping.
-S. Schmidt

Charles has been great help!!!
-D. Hann

Coach really helped me with how to research the market and make sure I end up with profit after listing items.
-D. Garran

It has been positive. Ellen is very patient with me.
-O. Tarries

The support is very helpful
-S. Proctor

Every single sale is making some profit which is great!!!! Thanks!
-M. Smazenka

These sales were actually really simple and easy. I was surprised at how quickly they sold and I am not as nervous anymore to sell more!
-M. Geiger

So far I'm 10 for 10 on e-bay!! I give all the credit to my coach and the staff. Thank you for answering all my questions and guiding me in the right direction when I was at a road block.
-Elsie K.

I am very pleased with all of the help that I have received from the coaches. Josh has been very patient and helpful. Looking forward to a long and financially successful business.
-Ed D.

After working with our coach Edward Sayers for a couple of weeks we have reached our sales mark. We are extremely happy with how we are moving forward and can't wait to hit our next goal of 5000 products within the next couple of weeks. eBay rocks!
-Monica H.

I have learned a lot about ebay over the course of the last few weeks. The coaching staff is always available when I have questions and answers every one! This has been a great experience so far!
-Holly B.

My coach, Kolin has been wonderful! He has taken me step by step to improve each listing. He always finds a way to make things better! I am learning so much!
-Cynthia B.

My experience with eBay so far has been great. It has exceeded my expectations since I started listing items on March 31st. My coach has been very helpful in answering any questions I had, recommending changes to my listings, very encouraging and inspiring throughout this process. Thank you coach!
-Dara J.

My coach Marshall is great! By following his advice, I have been able to improve my listings and increase my exposure. The best part is my listings are selling!
-Eva C.

It is nice to know that selling items on eBay is pretty simple to do! My coach is great! He explains the steps so I can understand them.
-Vicki P.

My experience has been wonderful and my coach has been outstanding. He is always willing to help me on any problems that I think I have because he will explain and make it so simple for me. I want to say to him and the rest of the coaches that has helped me, thank you all so much for your patience.
-Robert Lee W.

I am having fun doing this. My coach is the best! He is very supportive and his helpful critiquing of my work has been beneficial to me.
-Kathy L H.

My experience with eBay has been a very pleasant one. I had no experience with listing and selling on eBay and whenever I called with any kind of question, they were very helpful. My coach has been a very big part of my success so far. Our weekly phone calls have been very informative as well as supportive. He has helped me every bit of the way. It is also nice to know that in addition to the weekly calls, I can also contact my coach or anyone on the coaching team via email or phone with any questions or concerns that I have. With each phone call with my coach, I feel more and more confident in the choice that I made.
-Christine J.

I had never used Ebay before starting on this journey and Isaac has been so helpful with answering my questions and explaining how the process works. I was thrilled with my first sale and am looking forward to more!
-Sharleen P.

My coach has helped me tremendously. He has showed me how to do sales on eBay. He has supported me and guided me through the whole process.
-Michael K.